Hello world!

In 2009, I reached an age I thought at times through the years that I would never see:  65.  What a surprise I found…..and, more than a few SHOCKS!!  My head spins.

I am not prepared in so many ways for this new set of landscapes.  And, listening to, or reading about, many others my age, I am not alone.

Many things are not easy.  There are numerous challenges.  The world view is different from this new perspective I’m experiencing.

My place in the world has dramatically changed.  And so must I.

I find there are different choices.  There are opportunities for growth and learning….I just have to find them and see how they fit for me.

I find there are people who are working to change the world I’m in so that more of my needs are met so that I may be able to live a safer, healthier, and more robust life in these later years.

I am also learning that I can be an active participant, and a voice, in this mechanism of changing the community, health care resources, and other environments that impact the rapidly growing older-American population.

Through use of the internet, I can, with a specialized periodical, blend in one source, information from service and resource providers with the organizational efforts of agents of change and with the views being experienced in ‘real time’ by the consumers:  the older-American.

I can give VOICE to myself and to my fellow travellers in this new world.  There are many new scenes in this new and exciting landscape to be discovered and realized, to be learned and to be overcome, to be normalized, to be welcomed, some to be ignored or changed, others to be taught, shared, embraced.

I am still a little fearful of those things I cannot control, but I am learning, daily, that there are many things I CAN control, or to find someone who can HELP me. 

Walk along with me.  Share your stories and information.  May we all benefit by what we all are experiencing so we can continue to improve this fascinating new world of senior scenes open to us.

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