OK – here it is in short form.  In October 2008, I left my long career as a Realtor because I was no longer earning the money I needed to survive – same ol’ story for a bunch of us!! 

Then, summer 2009, I kinda celebrated my 65th birthday.  Kinda. 

My head spins when I think of what door I just walked through.  There was so much darkness and no handy switches to activate lights.  Maybe it’s because there are no illuminators in this next phase of my life – just obstacles that I keep stubbing my naked toes on!!!  Each step requires so many shiftings of weight and balance (and weak, aching knees don’t help a bit).  I’m hoping that I can get up and try again; it isn’t like when I was a toddler so close to the ground, that a fall was just an inconvenience.  Nowadays, I need a helping hand at times, a gentle voice to say, “Come on….you can do this”. 

I have a daughter and her fiance and two grandchildren living with me, the youngest is an infant, the oldest a teen.  It is good to have them here, though I worry about so much. 

 I wonder about those things I can control and those things I cannot and have difficulty so often discerning the difference so that I can make some necessary and vital changes in my course.  And, when I try to talk to anyone about what I fear and doubt, there is resistance to listen to what I stumble to explain. 

There is so much to praise and to be thankful for, there is still so much to learn and to do, there are places to visit I have never seen, there are interesting people I want to meet who can add to my life what may have always been missing or deficient.

This is a place to start over.  Get up on my ancient toddler’s toes and step by step navigate this new world before me:  The Senior landscape with fantastic SeniorScenes.


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